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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Points To Ponder Before Adding a Live Chat Button

Before adding a Live chat software on your website, you need to put on thinking cap and evaluate whether this little addition is productive or unproductive. Awareness does not implies omniscience. So, before adding a Live chat software, consider the below mentioned important points in order to play safe.


When you are looking for a live chat software for your website, you should first and foremost ensure the compatibility of the Live chat software with:
a) your website
b) your Operating system
c) other accessible remote devices
Compatibility plays a crucial role while choosing the Live chat software. Check whether the software you are choosing provides plugin for your CMS based website like Joomla, Shopify, etc. Then check the compatibility of the software with your Operating system. Sometimes, the software do not support MAC or other Operating systems other than Windows. When you can not access the Chat on the devices you use, then there is no point of integrating it. If you have a Small business unit, then it is necessary to ensure that the software is accessible through android or other remote devices so that you can connect with your customers from anywhere at any point of time. 


Visibility of the Live chat button on your website definitely grabs the Interest of your visitors. While choosing the Live chat software there are two things regarding visibility which you need to check:
a) is the chat button fully customizable
b) on how many pages or domains can you use the software
Some Live chat software provide a single chat button code which has a fixed display style and image. So, ensure that the Live chat software you are using facilitates the customization possibilities. So that you can make it suitable for your website, by changing the color, the style of display. To check the extent of the customization, test the trial versions of the softwares. Choose the software which you can use on unlimited domains and pages, as it makes the management easy. Do not pay extra penny for each domain.


Ensure that the software suits your budget. Do not choose the software which over exceeds your budget. Try searching options which are in your budget and then test them. Almost all the Live chat software provide same features, so why choose the expensive one over the economical one. The high prices quoted by the Market Leaders does not make the economical range softwares inferior to them. Moreover, they provide discounts too, when you express your interest. These economical range software are slowly and steadily capturing the market, beating the Market leaders in terms of service and prices.


What if you do not like the software after purchase. What if it does not turn out as productive as you thought. Do not regret your decision instead check the refund policies before purchasing it. If you are new to this software thing then you may need assistance from time to time. Make sure that the software provides the after sales services, so that you can look upto them, at the point of confusion. Some companies build expectations they can not live upto. So do not turn your expectations into disappointment, rather check the after sales and customer support policies in advance.


Before making the purchase decision, be sure that your staff is ready to handle clients online via Live chat software. If not, then train them, make them learn the online business rules, prepare them for all the situations they can come across while handling the client online. Not just your internal system should get ready for it but the external too, make sure that your existing clients are aware of the new communication medium you are implementing.

Live chat software is definitely the best communication medium for online businesses but there are number of software's out there. So, keeping all the above points in mind choose your service wisely.


Tuesday, 27 August 2013

How to Reduce Your Bounce Rate and Raise Interaction on Your Website?

Almost every business owner has big dream about his/her business. Web based business owners often dream of customers paying more for goods and services. Sometimes, the bounce rate of the business website is very high. Studies show that website visitors come to an online store and exit from the site very soon without going through the internal pages. By providing a better service to your site visitors together with relevant result, engaging and useful content, helpful solutions you can reduce bounce rate of your site. 
Live chat software for website is an online CRM application that is developed to boost sales and reduce the bounce rate. When you integrate the Live Chat tool with your business website, you see a chat API pop-up on your site screen. It provides you various beneficial features to attract your visitors. The chat window appears as an integral part of your website. This live chat tool effectively attracts website visitors with a non-intrusive greeting when they come to the site. From many years, live chat tools have become very popular as they offer an efficient way for site visitors to resolve their queries. 
A reliable live chat tool establishes a suitable platform for operators and visitors to interact with each other. It leads to a healthy professional relationship resulting mutual confidence. In this way, you can easily conclude that what your customers are looking for, what is their actual need and what they expect from you. In addition, you can also find out the important information about your competitors. When any visitor comes to your site he has a number of queries about your products and services. If your site is integrated with a live chat tool then he can quickly resolve all confusions and queries. Such relations finally make those visitors into valuable customers for future. Now, you cannot ignore the awareness of your customers as they only want better, affordable services including quick response from your side. 

Live chat tool not only offers you live chatting feature but also enables you to get engaged with your customers in many way and keep an eagle eye on them. After being convinced with you, visitors go into inner pages of your business site in order to collect all valuable information including buying your services. When visitors receive thorough answers, it influences their decision to do business with you. Thus, live chat support reduces the bounce rate of your site. It doesn’t matter how heavy traffic flow to your website is as this web-based tool enables operators to meaningfully interact with many visitors in a hassle free environment. In this manner, all visitors receive quick assistance in real-time. On the other hand, with traditional communication platforms such as social media, telephone, e-mail etc. customers had to wait their turn for a response. 
Live chat will significantly reduce high bounce rates – visitors leaving websites. This is mainly effective for retail sites, resulting in increased check outs and sales. As well, once a customer is engaged with a chat operator who understands their needs, the chat session allows for recommendations, offering of additional products or services, and increase close rates for client and customers. eAssistance Pro is professional live chat software that can be easily integrated with your site and a productive chat session can be started from varied platforms. Read more - https://www.eassistancepro.com/solutions.php

Monday, 17 June 2013

How to Improve your Customer Services?

Customer Service is the capability of an organization to offer constant and consistent services to customers. In a recent survey over a number of available support services (email, telephonic calls, live chat, etc.), it has been proved that the Live Chat tool plays a key role in improving customer services. Website visitors seeking instant assistance prefer to use Live Chat application rather than waiting for an email response or waiting in telephone queues. Offering instant assistance using Live Chat tool has made more satisfied customers.

The customer services can be improved by using a Live Chat tool as an add-on on the website that helps in knowing more about the website visitors, assisting them at various stages, and assuring that customers have a wonderful experience every time whenever they use your services. Online surveys for customers’ feedback also help in improving the customer services as website operator can easily analyze where improvements are required.

A business is said to be offering the best customer services when it offers what customers expects in a timely and in an appropriate manner. To have better customer services offered, one must establish good relationships with customers. A happy and satisfied customer will surely return to the website offering better customer services and will recommend others too about the services offered.

Adding a Live Chat application on a website assists in decreasing the customer service response time and increases customer satisfaction. The Live Chat tool helps in increasing and building customer trust and confidence in products and services offered by your organization. The website visitors can easily and instantly get answers for their questions before leaving the website while using Live Chat application. Also, the Live Chat tool helps organizations in increasing customers’ satisfaction and reducing the overall customer support and sales costs. More information about this software : http://www.eassistancepro.com/features/easy-to-set-up.php

Thursday, 25 April 2013

How to Improve Your Business Sales?

Whatever be the kind of your business, Live Chat application proves to be a beneficial tool. Live Chat offers a better platform for connecting with online website visitors, indulging them in meaningful conversations and converting them into loyal customers. Take your business to new higher heights by offering Live Chat support to your website owners. The quality of Live Chat offered to the customers will surely make them recommend you to their family members and friends. Live Chat has eliminated customer service offered via phones and emails and makes establishing communication between customers and businesses a much easier task.
Just integrate Live Chat into your website and connect with your website visitors in real-time. Using Live Chat, website operators can be well aware of customers’ requirements and their feedbacks. Now no need to navigate the website for finding the contact number, no need to send an email and wait for its reply! Simply ask your queries from website operators informally and get them resolved instantly.
Determining online customer services an important key for businesses, organizations are increasingly integrating Live Chat solution in their websites to connect with website visitors. Live Chat Support is a CRM application that connects website visitors with website operators or chat representatives. The tool allows website operators to send a pro-active chat invitation to visitors asking for an instant assistance and initiating a meaningful chat session. During the chat session, the chat representative provides sales and customer services. The feedbacks after the completion of chat sessions assist in improving customer services and overall products based on users’ requirements.
Live Chat offers much better customer support as compared to traditional communication channels. It facilitates timely, relevant and friendly communication environment to online website visitors. Chat services are available 24 hours a day and offer a personal touch to website visitors providing real-time instant responses. It lets website visitors feel special that there is someone on the other side to assist them.

eAssistance Pro – a Live Chat application is the best available solution for every kind of website. It offers a number of extra-ordinary features that proves to be much beneficial for businesses. The real-time visitor monitoring feature allows website operators see which website pages visitors are on and the co-browsing feature let navigate them through your website. The geo-mapping feature provides geographical location of website visitors on a world map layout. If you need further assistance, please visit the following website: https://www.eassistancepro.com

Thursday, 7 February 2013

How to choose live chat support software for your website?

A live chat application can help you improve almost any aspect of your website in just one simple installation. You could very well boost up your business revenues and at the same time can also increase your web traffic quickly. Definitely, it is must to have tool for businesses of all types and sizes that can further enhance the quality of customer service. By enabling visitors to interact with the representatives of your company, it helps customer get answers to all the questions and queries instantly. 
These days as live chat software are widely used by many online retailers, financial & consulting institutions, and real estate agents as an effective way to improve customer service and drive extra revenue. Therefore, it is more essential to understand how to choose the right live chat software, so that you could get the most from it. 
Without any doubt you would always look for a program that could offer the simplest integration into your website. But besides this there are different other factors that you need to look for while selecting right and suitable live chat software. Some of the few factors that you can look for are - 
Software usability is the most decisive factor that you can’t ignore. It is the software usability that actually helps in creating a more efficient chatting environment for your agents and operators. How easy is it to use? Ask this question again and again. The reason for asking this question is that some live chat programs necessitate the operator to have a browser open for site visitors in order to initiate chat sessions. Can visitors put down messages via chat when live chat is offline? Some customers prefer to leave a message once they're at the site if chat is offline. The software you opt must be able to transfer chats to other operators. For example, there is always a possibility of transferring a chat that got initiated for the support department might be for pre-sales or billing query.

Ensure the tool you chose must be able to provide unmatched flexibility when it comes to customizing the operator console environment. It is important that the software allow agents to adjust the layout of the chat area, modify when alerts are sent and received, and adjust fields in the chat window. The tool must facilitate you to set up different departments. For example, if you use live chat for pre-sales and for support, then the tool must allow adding operators to different departments so that the website’s visitors could talk directly to a staff member of the desired department. 
Other important factor that you must count while selecting live chat software is the functionality to customize the appearance. Always go for those live chat application that allows you to customize the appearance graphically. Not all live chat programs allow you to customize the chat window matching the site appearance. 
Live chat security
To eliminate the risks associated with online communications, it is crucial that the software is 128-bit SSL encrypted. 128-bit SSL encryption prevents unofficial data access and guarantees the maximum possible data protection. Check whether the tool is 128-bit encrypted or not.

Convenience and ability to work on every computer
Get to know about the software whether it is browser-based or do you need to install it on your computer. This is because; there are few applications that work only on Windows computers. On other hand, Browser-based software can be accessed via any computer that is online. 
Easy availability of demo
Finally, perhaps the most imperative facet of selecting live chat software is its availability of a demo version. Most live chat software supports free trial. Those are the ones you should pay more attention. In fact, ask the company you are considering buying a product to schedule a live demo of their software and get to know about both the administrative as well as customer sides of how the program works.

Apart from all these, it also gets important that you check whether your live chat software supplier is with excellent repute and prepared to support you in solving your problems or not. A good supplier will save you from facing lots of troubles which could be a pain in the neck if not managed properly. For More Detail https://www.eassistancepro.com/