Tuesday, 27 August 2013

How to Reduce Your Bounce Rate and Raise Interaction on Your Website?

Almost every business owner has big dream about his/her business. Web based business owners often dream of customers paying more for goods and services. Sometimes, the bounce rate of the business website is very high. Studies show that website visitors come to an online store and exit from the site very soon without going through the internal pages. By providing a better service to your site visitors together with relevant result, engaging and useful content, helpful solutions you can reduce bounce rate of your site. 
Live chat software for website is an online CRM application that is developed to boost sales and reduce the bounce rate. When you integrate the Live Chat tool with your business website, you see a chat API pop-up on your site screen. It provides you various beneficial features to attract your visitors. The chat window appears as an integral part of your website. This live chat tool effectively attracts website visitors with a non-intrusive greeting when they come to the site. From many years, live chat tools have become very popular as they offer an efficient way for site visitors to resolve their queries. 
A reliable live chat tool establishes a suitable platform for operators and visitors to interact with each other. It leads to a healthy professional relationship resulting mutual confidence. In this way, you can easily conclude that what your customers are looking for, what is their actual need and what they expect from you. In addition, you can also find out the important information about your competitors. When any visitor comes to your site he has a number of queries about your products and services. If your site is integrated with a live chat tool then he can quickly resolve all confusions and queries. Such relations finally make those visitors into valuable customers for future. Now, you cannot ignore the awareness of your customers as they only want better, affordable services including quick response from your side. 

Live chat tool not only offers you live chatting feature but also enables you to get engaged with your customers in many way and keep an eagle eye on them. After being convinced with you, visitors go into inner pages of your business site in order to collect all valuable information including buying your services. When visitors receive thorough answers, it influences their decision to do business with you. Thus, live chat support reduces the bounce rate of your site. It doesn’t matter how heavy traffic flow to your website is as this web-based tool enables operators to meaningfully interact with many visitors in a hassle free environment. In this manner, all visitors receive quick assistance in real-time. On the other hand, with traditional communication platforms such as social media, telephone, e-mail etc. customers had to wait their turn for a response. 
Live chat will significantly reduce high bounce rates – visitors leaving websites. This is mainly effective for retail sites, resulting in increased check outs and sales. As well, once a customer is engaged with a chat operator who understands their needs, the chat session allows for recommendations, offering of additional products or services, and increase close rates for client and customers. eAssistance Pro is professional live chat software that can be easily integrated with your site and a productive chat session can be started from varied platforms. Read more - https://www.eassistancepro.com/solutions.php


  1. The best way to reduce conversion rate is to engage your online customer and the live chat software do the same thing.I also like to refer your eAssistance Pro live chat software to others for reducing their bounce rate and make customer satisfied.

  2. The added point is that you will track the happiness of your customers so as to retain your targeted client group. If anybody needs to install Live Chat Software for Business, Let us know!